Why We Love Lepoem

10 Reasons Why to Love Lepoem

1. We believe in fair trade.

You deserve the best quality jewelry and a clear conscience!  We understand how much damage large scale industrial manufacturing can cause.  That’s why all of LePoem’s products are handmade in our workshop in the diamond district of Ramat Gan, Israel.

2. Experience. Plus a lifetime warranty.

We’ve been in the business for over 40 years, so we know our stuff!  We are committed to each and every customer, and since our jewelry is of the highest quality, we gladly grant each piece a lifetime warranty. 

3. We believe in sustainability.

LePoem takes care of the environment.  Each piece of LePoem jewelry is made per order and we keep a tight production line – in this way no raw materials are discarded. Plus, when you buy from LePoem, you look out for mother nature too, as the packaging is either recyclable or made from recycled materials.

4. All of our diamonds and gemstones are natural.

Not grown, not colored, not synthetic (CVD), not even treated- all of the jewels we work with are 100% natural!  We do not use jewels that have undergone the process of HPHT, nor do we use moissanite diamonds.  Each customer of ours receives a certificate of authenticity that describes the jewels exact characteristics.

5. We believe in diversity.

Our designers come from various backgrounds, because we believe in equal opportunities for all.  Society benefits greatly from this, and our designers prove themselves with the highest standard of production and finishing.

6. Variety of styles.

We work closely with a group of different designers, each with their own unique style.  We know that diversity makes the world of jewelry all the more interesting.  Choose the perfect piece that suits your taste- or play around with new styles and trends!

7. Online accessibility.

E-commerce is taking the world by a storm, and for a good reason!  Since we sell our jewelry exclusively online, we are always available and always accessible.  Whatever you want, whenever you want it- the shopping experience has never been better!

8. Our customer service is our pride.

It is of utmost importance to us that you talk to someone real, that you receive personal attention and that all of your questions are answered.  As a customer looking into our products, we want to make sure you’re getting the very best!

9. Secure Purchasing.

From the moment you buy online until our courier hand-delivers your packaged jewelry, your purchase is fully secure.  We abide by the electronic trade protocol (SSL) and any given credit card numbers are encrypted and automatically deleted immediately upon ending the transaction. The jewels’ serial numbers are checked and verified, and can thus be insured for their full worth.  With door-to-door delivery, your money and your jewelry are always safe.

10. New season.  New designs.

Since we love jewelry, we enjoy challenging ourselves with new designs.  We are continually coming out with additional collections, so you can always count on us for unique pieces.

Those were just ten of our top qualities, among many more.

What are the reasons YOU fell in love with LePoem?

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